Why Us

Why SMS KNITS -10 Good Reasons

01. One Stop Service

We are fully capable to serve our clients needs. Hence our customers has no need to hire any third part agencies for merchandising, quality controlling, logistics.

02. Right Pricing

Yes we provide appropriate price which a product deserves in manufacturing based on quantity, work involvement & payment terms. Our price will never be high to surprise our clients.

03. Quality Assurance

Quality has been our top most priority and we are well supported with accredited testing labs to conduct quality checks on the fabrics, accessories & finished garments to ensure the our quality & we always keen to dispatch quality goods.

04. Low Minimum Order quantity

We entertain start ups and well established buyers with low Minimum Order Qty. Pls refer MOQ in PRIVATE LABEL page for more details

05. On Time Delivery

Each order will have a TIME & ACTION plan to meet our customers required delivery date & we always work smart as per our T&A plan only. With this we assure our client ON-TIME delivery

06. Vast Product knowledge

We can manufacture high fashioned articles with low MOQ, which help our client to establish unique clothing lines. We can make Cold Pigment Dyed garments, Pigment Garment Dyed, Acid wash, Denim Wash, Enzyme wash, Burnout wash, Tie & Dye, Dip Dye, Etc


The company has capacity of handling production of 30,000 pcs per month. Also as we are located in Tiruppur, Knitwear city of India, we had huge access for various types of fabrics, accessories, embellishments, garment processing

08. Skilled Manpower

The team of SMS Knits merchandisers, Quality Controllers & Skilled workers carrying the vision of quality & innovation.

09. Customer Satisfaction

We value our Customer’s satisfaction on all aspects with us & we take all necessary actions to improve further & further – REACHING BEYOND REACH

10. Fair communication

We prefer to communicate our clients through Email only, which will helps to avoid communication mistakes.

We also use other sort of communications like skype, whatsapp,, phone calls, but we expect to recap the style/order related approvals & discussions through Email as well